Denial, some psychologists say, is an evolutionary survival strategy. As humans and consciousness evolved, an understanding of the inevitability and finality of death followed. Those who could not get past the disheartening reality of looming death were selected out, because, one presumes, never leaving your cave because — “What’s the point?” — makes you vulnerable to attack by wild animals and/or enemies.

And so, the majority of humans learned to live in a state of either not quite facing their mortality or outright pretending it “couldn’t happen” to them. …

Who doubts that Fox has the power to drive swarms of AR-15-carrying Trumpers to “reclaim” ‘Merica if they called for it.

When one media outlet has the power to incite violence, we need to reconsider its place in our society.

Fox News is currently tiptoeing the line between supporting the onslaught of lies from the President and outright exaggerating and exacerbating them.

Lou Dobbs is particularly dangerous in this regard. He has guests on his show that make unfounded claims of widespread fraud, of the election being rigged, and assertions that Biden’s current lead is “Coup 5.0.” …

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On multiple occasions I’ve tried to discuss Trump issues with his supporters only to be interrupted every 3.45 seconds with shouts of “Fake News!”

It stuns me every time.

How do you engage with folks who believe tens of thousands of professionally trained journalists from around the world are somehow lying about Trump and only Fox News — which has no news bureau and no investigative journalists on staff — and Breitbart (with maybe ten employees) is telling the truth?

No matter who wins in November, we cannot hope to bridge the divide as long as we live in alternate…

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Trump supporter: Why do you hate him so much? You guys have Trump Derangement Syndrome!

We didn’t “start” hating him when he became president — we’ve been dubious about him since he came onto the scene in the 1980s. He’s got a looooooong history of cheating, hurting the little guy, defrauding charities, working with the mob, and running businesses into the ground. We knew who he was and that’s why we reacted from the very beginning with so much outrage.

Talk to any New Yorker — they HATE him because they’ve known who he has been for decades.

Trump Supporter…

Dumpster Fire/WikiCommons

The fact that Trump supporters believe Trump is doing a great job in the face of liberal certainty that we are crackling in a dumpster fire continues to fascinate me.

Can we really put all the blame on Fox News propaganda and right-wing media cheerleading? Or is there a deeper divide that we’re not talking about?

To get outside my liberal bubble, I spent some time reading the foundational beliefs of leading conservative think tanks such as The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, The Federalist Society and numerous Koch brothers-funded groups.

It took me a while to understand that, for…

How using conservative sources to set the record straight may help

Fox News and some Republicans are now claiming that a “fake, phony dossier” started the entire Muller investigation.

That’s not even remotely true.

The infamous Steele dossier — a series of notes by a former British spy — was not the reason the Mueller investigation began. So why do conservative pundits and politicians keep repeating this “alternative fact?”

Because it supports Trump’s narrative that the entire investigation was a “hoax.” …

AP News

Amidst the back-and-forth over the behavior of the Covington Catholic School boys at last week’s march, I blame the grown-ups. Twenty adults accompanied 240 boys from Kentucky to Washington to participate in a potentially highly-charged political event. They should have been on high alert. So where the hell where they?

According to the Kentucky Courier-Journal, only five adults remained with the boys during the scenes captured on video. Where were the other fifteen? Some reports say they were waiting for the buses.

Where the five left with the group kindly parents or educators trained to take command of large groups…

Still from the 2015 movie, Cooties.

The conservative reaction to the Gillette ad on masculinity has been fascinating. TV personality Piers Morgan accused the Gillette commercial of suggesting that all men are “evil.” He went so far as to tweet, that Gillette “now wants every man to take one of their razors and cut off his testicles.”

Whoa. Did we watch the same ad?

Because the one I saw asserted that Gillette believed in “the best in men.” …

I explained exactly why a wall won’t work, using conservative sources to prove it

A man walks past a section of the U.S.-Mexico border barrier on January 8, 2019 in Tijuana, Mexico. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

A conservative challenged liberal Facebook friends to “make a case, not based on emotion” against Trump’s wall. Conservative buddies flooded his post with snide remarks about how this would be impossible for “deluded libs.”

“Okay, I’ll play,” I responded. To avoid being accused of bias, I explained that I would use only conservative sources to make my point. My primary source was a policy paper by the Cato Institute—a conservative, libertarian think tank—along with other conservative voices (listed below).

Here’s why I’m against the wall, I wrote:

1. Walls don’t work. Illegal immigrants have tunneled underneath and/or erected ramps up…

A white neighbor called the cops on black teens at a pool party, which ended with an officer drawing a gun on children. A white teacher called the police on a brown Muslim student who brought a clock to school. And a white employee at Starbucks recently called the police on two black men waiting for a friend before they ordered.

There is a lot of analysis on the culture of policing but little on why the police are called in the first place. Who is doing the calling? And why? …

Vicky Alvear Shecter

Author of historical fiction set in the ancient world as well as books on mythology and history for kids.

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